Frequently Asked Questions

To make the app live on your store you need to create and activate atleast 2 market. Once the market is activated you just need to click on app embed and your pop-up will be activated to redirect your visitors to the correct market and you can also customize the pop-up as per your store aesthetics.

The Geomarket app will let you sell globally to clients by providing them with a location-based, regionally personalized experience. The app has incorporated the Shopify Market settings into the user experience to allow you to make changes directly from the app dashboard.

You can easily customize the pop-up by going into the app embed section. If you face any issues kindly contact us and we will create a customized pop-up as per your store aesthethics.

If you are facing any issues with the setup our customer happiness wizards are always ready to help you.

Markets does allow you to develop your business with a customized experience for various areas, but it still just directs clients to their region-based market without providing them any other alternatives. In this situation, our app is useful. By using the confirmation-based popups that are presented to the consumer, customers using our app may decide for themselves which area they would want to buy in.

All that is left to do is enable the Geomarket App Embed from your Theme Settings after installing the Geomarket app from the Shopify App Store.

Unfortunately, Shopify Markets are necessary for our Geomarket app to work. If Shopify Markets is not supported in your location, the app will not function on your store.

From the app embed itself, the popups can be activated. The popup customisation settings, where you may modify the popup's appearance and style, are accessible by expanding the app embed settings.

You will receive notifications through email and the app when new popup designs are released by us. Additionally, we cherish our clients, so please Reach Out to us if you have any thoughts.